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Nature’s Way  to Better Health     How to treat common ailments such as sports injuries, colds and flu, sunstroke, what to take before surgery, food poisoning etc.

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What are the remedies most often confused with Arnica? Lyc, Sil, Aurum, Lac-can, Carc, Germanium, Adamas, Aids nosode, Leprominium, Taxus brev? add to the list ….

To order books: Arbor Medica vol I and II  by Steve Olsen –

Arbor Medica VOLUME ONE includes: 238 pages.
Abies canadenis – Hemlock spruce
Acer cercinatum – the Vine maple
Agathis australis – Kauri tree
Alnus rubra – Red alder
Arbutus menziesii – Madrona tree

Alnus rubra – the Red Alder. This remedy is very useful when Phosphorus seems indicated but has very limited or no effect. The Alnus patient is very generous, very thirsty and bruises very easily.

Arbor Medica VOLUME TWO contains: 328 pages.
Crataegus Oxycantha – Hawthorn tree
Melaleuca Alternifolia – Tea Tree
Pinus Contorta – the Shore pine
Pseudotsuga menziesii – Douglas fir tree
Spirostachys africanus Sonder – Tambootie tree
Taxus brevifolia – the Yew tree

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