Similia Study Group

Study Homeopathy from Home (Webinar Format)
Moderate to Advanced Level
Steve Olsen ND, DHANP

One session every other month starting February 7th.
7 to 8:30 pm (Pacific time) for three sessions.

Study a new paper case before each session, then attend the case analysis session live and view the follow up of the cured case on video.
– Learn new remedies, old remedies and those less well known.
Dates: February 7th, April 4th and June 6th. 

Location: The sessions are in webinar format, viewed online from your computer.

9 hours of continuing education.
Cost: 49 for students. 85 for practitioners.
To register: Pay with PayPal to: I will then send you the first case to study and you will be sent a link to

download the application onto your devise and further instructions.

Send me an e­mail if you would like continuing
education credit of 3 hours per session. (1 hour to study the case before the webinar, 1.5 hour to see the case solved and watch the follow up and half an hour to make a summary of what you learned. You then need to send me your summary to receive credit.)

To pay by credit card:

Contact info:
425­-280-­9251 (text also)

Pass this on if you know anyone who would like to attend.
If you can’t attend the webinar I can send you a detailed analysis and link to the follow up on video.


Dr. Steve Olsen’s Similia classes are the perfect balance of the convenience and affordability of online learning, with the rigor, individual attention, and enthusiastic presentation of a master class on clinical homeopathy and advanced comparative materia medica.  It is so compellingly taught that it is like joining him and his patients in the clinic on what must be among the most interesting days of his practice.  I’ve really benefited from the challenge of analyzing the cases on my own, getting Dr. Steve’s friendly and expert feedback, and then seeing the follow-up interview with the client along with Dr. Steve’s insightful analysis. He is a great homeopath and teacher who shares his considerable expertise generously.

Thanks so much for a great learning experience that is just what I need at this point in my homeopathic career!  Abby

*  *

Dr. Steve Olsen’s Similia study group provides a unique opportunity to increase your success with homeopathic practice, through study of cured cases, many using “new” remedies.  Dr. Olsen leads you through each case, from the initial case-taking through the follow-up appointments,  creating a feeling of having been a witness to the whole process and thereby teaching you how to do the process on your own.  He creates this experience by discussing analysis of the case, rubric selection, remedy differentials, considerations of relevant pathology, posology, and case management, richly supplemented with notes and videotaped interviews of patients.  Participants are encouraged to actively work through each case and given opportunities to ask questions and receive feedback, making the process come alive and contributing to deep learning.  The study group atmosphere is an enjoyable combination of scholarly inquiry and pleasant, collegial interaction.  I highly recommend Dr. Olsen’s Simila study group to anyone who wants to become a more skilled homeopathic practitioner. (L.D.)

My main teachers: Hahnemann, Kent, Nash, Clark, Lippe, Farrington, George Vithoulkas, Jeremy Sherr.
I believe in taking a full case, making a repertorization and finding the simillimum. Many of the cases I present come from new provings.