Welcome to the Members Page

Welcome to the members page. I am sure you are going to learn valuable information here that can help you or someone in your family.
Start by downloading the book above. Click on the Download button then read up to page 26. Also read the Glossary from page 71 to 90. Please read this now and takes some notes as you read and think about each concept. After you read it can you answer the following questions:
1. Where does healing come from?
2. What is homeostasis?
3. What is the law of similars?
4. Can you give three examples of the law of similars.
5. Can any substance be made into a remedy?
6. When did Samuel Hahnemann do his first experiment on China bark?
7. Each remedy can cause and therefore cure certain symptoms. Some affect more the physical while others affect more the emotional or mental area. True or false?
8. What are the three main principles of homeopathy?
A. The single remedy is used at a time.
B. ______________________
C. ______________________
Why do we use the single remedy?
Why do we use the minimum dose or very small dose?
Why do we use the similar remedy. How similar does it have to be to work well.
9. Are there age limits on who can use a remedy?
10. When should you get a second opinion?
11. How to diagnose a first aid case:
a. _______________________
b. _______________________
c. _______________________
If you know these three things, the remedy should be obvious.
12. Why is it important to look at the totality of the symptoms?
13. How are remedies made?
14. What is stronger 6c or 30c?
15. What is stronger 1m or 200c?
16. How best to take a remedy?
17. When to repeat or change a remedy?
18. What to avoid when taking a remedy?
19. How to store your remedies.
20. What is a combination remedy?
21. What is a homeopathic proving?
22. Is the healing effect of a remedy the primary or secondary drug action?
23. Is stress the only cause of illness?
24. Does the remedy take away the stress or does it affect something else? What else is it affecting?
25. What is meant by the term ‘Simillimum’?
26. It is important how much of a remedy one takes? For example 15 drops or 30 drops? The answer is no, it makes almost no difference. I suggest 15 to 20 drops per dose and only one dose then wait and see if there is an effect. Also if one is taking dry pellets then 8 to 10 is all that is needed. The potency such as 6x, 12c, 30c, 200c and how often the remedy is taken has a much stronger effect than how much is taken.
If you can’t answer these questions then read this first chapter again and also the Glossary.
The rest of the book can be used as a reference for when a remedy is needed. I suggest you read it and take notes are you go along.
It is now time to study a few more remedies. I suggest you take notes are you watch each video. Then come back here to click on the next video.
Arnica montana: If you have not taken notes on this video do it now. Arnica.
Arsenicum album: If you have not taken notes on this video do it now.
Click here: Arsenicum.
Calendula: For most cuts and scrapes it is best to purchase the salve or cream. Once the wound is cleaned, apply the Calendula and then put a bandage on it. Take the Calendual 30c as well if it is a deep or extensive wound. Check the wound the next day and apply more Calendula if needed. Get a second opinion if the wound needs some stitches to close it. Also take Ledum and Hypericum if the wound is extensive. Get a doctor to evaluate if you need a tetanus shot. Click here to see the video: Calendula.
Cantharis: This is the most important remedy to learn about for burns. Lets start by going to the video. After you watch it come back here to continue.
Click here: Cantharis video.
Ledum: This remedy can be used in a variety of situations. Crushing of finger tips or toes. Mosquito bites or bites from other animals. Click her to watch the video: Ledum.
Aconite: This remedy we use for sudden fear of death. Such as after a car accident or some other fearful event. Lets say someone is attacked and fears for their life or there is a natural disaster and people are threatened. This is a remedy for shock or the person is never well since a sudden shock. For this remedy to work the person has to be able to say: “I felt like I was about to die.” Usually the heart begins to palpitate.
Click here for the video: Aconite.
Perhaps it is time for a break. Read over what you have learned so far. Then come back later and take this short test:
1. What is the remedy to take right after a sports injury. Usually there is a sprain or bruise to muscle tissue.
2. What to take first for a head injury?
3. What is the first remedy to try if you have eaten food that makes you feel nausea?
4. What is a second remedy for food poisoning if the whole body is cold and one is craving cold drinks and sour foods such as limes?
5. What is the first remedy to try if for example your car is hit from the side and you feel that your life was in danger. Your heart is palpitating and you can’t catch your breath (hyperventilation)?
6. What is the remedy for your child if they are too frightened to sleep after a dog has jumped on them or they received a fright on Halloween?
7. What is the best remedy to take for mosquito bites that are very swollen and won’t stop itching even after a week?
8. What is the best remedy to take if you spill hot coffee on your hands?
9. What is the best remedy to take if you have reached into the open and touched a red hot element?
10. Your friend is in the hospital with many third degree burns. Best to take them _________ 200c and 1M of this remedy to take as needed.
11. What is a good remedy for wounds that feel cold and are better with a cold cloth or ice application to the wound?
12. This same remedy can also be used for toes or fingers that have been crushed such as in the car door. What is its name?
Answers to quiz: In my book. If you have any questions:
Lets now continue with the videos.
Apis melifica: This remedy is made from the honey bee. It can be used for bee stings, and allergic reactions. It has many other uses as well for acute and chronic ailments but we need to start with its first aid uses. Click here: Apis.
Ignatia amara: This remedy is indicated for a sudden shock from grief. Click here learn its main idea: Ignatia.
Hypericum: This remedy treats mostly nerve injuries. Such as a dentist who puts a metal probe on the nerve in a tooth. In this case the pain is very sharp and shooting or electrical. This is totally different from the pain which needs Arnica, which is a sore bruise or sprained ankle type of pain. Watch the video: Hypericum.
Rhus toxicodendron: This is a remedy that is needed for stiffness that is worse from starting to move and better from continued motion. It has many uses but lets start with the basics: Rhus tox.
Bryonia alba: This remedy is for injuries to joints. Worse any motion, even very small motion of the affected injury is much more painful if there is any motion of it. The person has to hold the joint very still and bandage it.
Ruta graveolens: This is a remedy that helps heal connective tissues. These tissues are white, unlike muscles that are red, the white connective tissues have very poor blood supply and heal very slowly. The pain in the affected joint is worse at rest and worse from overuse. Watch the video here: Ruta.
Glonion: Sun stroke. Headaches with the feeling that the head will explode.
Carbo animals: This remedy is for weakness after an injury. The person can’t carry or lift things after the injury. These remedies are in the last video as well as some remedies for motion sickness: Glonion and Carb an.
You have now learned all the main first aid remedies. Here are the next steps to take:
A. Read them over one time a day for three days. Have someone in your family read the symptoms of each remedy and then you tell them its name. Keep reviewing them until you can get 100% on the quiz.
B. Purchase all these remedies. Put them in a first aid kit with bandaids, a small pair of sizers. Carry it with you on every trip you go on.
C. Send me an example of how you used one of these remedies.
As time goes on you may want to purchase the 200c of certain remedies such as Cantharis, Arnica and Apis. If an injury is severe the 30c may not be strong enough and then the 200c will be needed.