The Science of Self Healing

By Steve Olsen ND

The  Orthodoxy of ‘Modern’ Medicine Continues to Undermine the Duties of the Health Practitioner, Allowing for the Unnecessary Worsening of Chronic Diseases, Incorrect Treatment of Acute Diseases and Worsening Exogenous Depression of the Practitioner.

Key words: Complicity of the media and government agencies. Self education.

Most of us are listening, reading or watching some sort of news media from one to three hours a day, and there is no doubt it has an enduring effect on us. Drug advertising, health stories, print media, reports on social media, car talk radio, podcasts, and health opinions from governments give us all the same message: If you have a disease, treat it with drug X. If it doesn’t work, we will find you drug Y or Z in the future and you will be smiling again – we promise. The science of self-healing is a subject not worth discussing. Unfortunately, If you have a chronic illness you know that neither drug X, Y, or Z will likely solve your problems and will rarely lead to a cure. Those smiling people on the advertisements are actors. 

The fact that this message is repeated over and over again, directly and indirectly, is mind-numbing, alarming, destructive, and dangerous to our long term survival. It will also create a lot of unnecessary suffering. 

During this most recent pandemic, how many news reports are about drugs to treat the illness and how many are about supporting specific self-healing abilities? Why is there no meaningful discussion of how to make individualized self-healing stronger from a scientific point of view? It is our immune system’s self-healing ability that is keeping more than ninety nine percent of us alive. But the word “healing” is not being used in the media because the only type of healing that occurs is individual self-healing.This idea that we should be supporting self-healing is seen as radical by the media and modern medicine and they are trying to eradicate it from our social discourse, educational institutions, vocabulary, and understanding. Why? The free media is supposed to be in the public interest, not just about forwarding one limited mindset. But the modern media is not interested in a well rounded discussion. One has to again ask, why? 

When a college graduate applies to medical school, they are likely captured with the idea that very soon, as a doctor or research scientist, they will become involved or pursue the idea that a cure for a patient with disease X can be found. Finding a cure means that some sort of self-healing will take place, the disease will be eradicated, and no drugs or further medicines will be needed. Because self-healing defines the cure. This is not, however, what happens once they enter medical school. From the very beginning students are told that “healing” exists in theory, but that’s the end of the discussion and it’s “not what we do here, so get used to it.”  The science of self-healing is a dangerous idea because it opens up Pandora’s Box that leads to other dangerous ideas, such as – that all healing is self-healing and that if there is self-healing then there must be ways to study it, make it stronger and smarter in a specific way for each patient. This would lead to a cure for an individual patient and that is unacceptable. 

Students instead are taught to ignore the individual capacity for self-healing and instead focus on “cures” in the form of drugs that act upon, rather than with the body. Medical schools are not in the least bit interested in the science of self-healing. It would mean finding the cause of each illness in each patient. That is a scandalous idea that only quacks and agitators would want to solve. Instead, students become the minions (at their own psychological risk) of the billion dollar pharmaceutical industry whose massive profits funnel back into the schools. If a medical student or research scientist persists with ideas of self healing as an objective, they are vigorously ridiculed and black listed. 

The result I believe contributes to doctors with a high incidence of depression. 

How is this possible and why would a whole “culture of science” be so afraid of this most basic of human functions? Why attack and suppress this information? We have not black listed the study of reproduction or digestion, so why would we blacklist this important subject? Self-healing comes from homeostasis, meaning… This is a word that modern science is still allowed to use. Living things are self organized, and when they are very self organized, when the homeostasis is working one hundred percent, then a person is able to self heal on a daily basis. They can stay physiologically tuned (positive mood), display no abnormal lab values, and feel physically well with no symptoms. There is a state of vitality and a dynamic sense of emotional well being. We can say that when homeostasis is functioning at one hundred percent then self healing is also one hundred percent. But these are somehow very dangerous ideas. You can’t go to medical school and expect to study that, it’s too radical. 

It means a reporter or a department at a medical school or research facility is forbidden to take the next logical step and educate us or study which medicines could make homeostasis stronger. It is a line drawn in the sand by our collective medical, media and culture never to cross. If you dare to study self healing, your career is ruined and you will be accused of quackery. Why would a medical student or research scientist want to risk that? I know of only four and they all met the same fate. 

Again I ask why? Science is the pursuit of facts and truths that are waiting to be discovered. Science has no beliefs, no emotion, no fears, but if you want to see anger or disdain, try asking your doctor why modern medicine doesn’t study self healing? The rage is palpable. You will instantly be labeled as a crazy patient, woowoo, a noncompliant, or an agitator.

The media, governments, and the hallowed halls of research institutions and medical schools have all gone along with this mindset on a global scale. It has become part of who we are. Our culture is telling us over and over: “It’s okay to keep using drugs to treat chronic diseases until you die; it’s okay that many of them produce horrific side effects; it’s okay if you are never cured, just get used to it, welcome it, expect it, embrace it. If your chronic illness gets worse, it’s okay, just get another prescription. It’s okay to be suffering all the time; it’s okay to never feel wellness; it’s okay to not have self healing, because it does not exist. Definitely don’t think about it or ask questions. Don’t cross the line.

As uncomfortable as it is, I am going to step over that line and explain what is on the other side. It is more scientific than pretending nothing is there. Perhaps you can see that there is nothing to be afraid of.

The concept that homeostasis exists as a part of the science of living things is agreed upon. The development and maintenance of living things is not random. For example, our hearts do not beat randomly. They speed up when we exercise because we need more oxygen, they beat more slowly when we sleep. The course of the body’s development over many years, from one cell to a fully functioning adult, and the maintenance of every structure and function, follows a plan. I call this a reference plan or reference image. 

Living things don’t develop or maintain themselves in a healthy state by random changes. There has to be something that senses, evaluates, and reacts to the environment in an intelligent fashion. This is not the brain, because when we were one cell or even a few hundred thousand cells at the beginning of our lives, there was no brain formed yet. But that ball of cells still had a very clear idea of what direction it was going to take to create each of us as individuals, with a unique identity it could maintain for over 75 years in most cases. It’s not the DNA either. DNA is just a book of templates to make strings of amino acids. There still has to be an author, the reference image, which works with the body’s homeostasis to know how to fold proteins, which genes to open and which to close to make a specific type of cell, where to put that cell, arrange it with others, and when to stop making those cells at the right moment. This reference image is very connected to the DNA, and connected to every other structure and function of the body. For example if you take out a gene which is needed to make a certain cell structure, the reference image will use other genes to work around the deletion. The end result is once again achieved to maintain normal function. If you take all the DNA out of a cell, it will keep functioning until the structures of that cell wear out. The reference image keeps all these structures working as long as possible. Our innate intelligence, this image of ourselves, is able to do three things: sense the current conditions; evaluate the data and decide if it matches the healthy reference image; and make adjustments to maintain health and keep us alive. It operates if we are awake or asleep and is our essential life and health-creating function. When this reference image (the innate life-force) detaches completely, due to illness or old age, our life is over. 

The connections between our body and the reference image can become weak, break, or become too exaggerated, leading to the multitude of illness possibilities. It defines the illness. Imagine a classical orchestra. The instruments are all tuned, the musicians play the music in front of them perfectly, and the conductor fine-tunes the performance. The result is beautiful music for all to enjoy – perfect health in the analogy. Now, imagine that some of the instruments are out of tune; some musicians did not make it to the performance; some instruments are broken or lost; and the conductor was disturbed to the point of not doing his or her best conducting by slowing it down or speeding it up at random. The music would not sound right, but it is not the music written on the page (our reference image) that is broken, it is the connection between all the parts of the orchestra that has issues. The reference image of a living being can’t break. If it did, there could never be self-healing. But if we arrange for all the musicians to arrive in a stable frame of mind, train them, feed them, practice the music and lead them, then healthy music will play again. But our culture has lost its interest in this concept and does not allow anyone to study it in our mainstream research institutions. That is neglect and we are all paying the price. 

Sometimes all that is needed for self-healing is basic nutrition, a safe warm place to live, and a pleasant emotional environment. But sometimes, even when these criteria are met, the disease process continues. This means that one or more musicians are no longer present, or some other vital function within them has become compromised. The connection between the plans (the music on the page) and the final result is lost. How can it be restored? Definitely not by giving the same drug to each person and definitely not by using large doses of drugs.

Self-healing has limits, but in most cases homeostasis can be restored 100%, even to where it is stronger than ever before. Then, no drugs are needed and we can experience well being in all aspects. The body is once again a complete symphony and tuned to perfection. 

First of all, the reference image is not visible. In fact, the visible spectrum is a very small part of  human reality. For example, gravity, electricity, microwaves, heat energy, magnetic waves, radio waves, computer zeros and ones, the forces holding every atom together, dark matter, dark energy, quantum fields, noise, emotions, thoughts and consciousness, they are all invisible. We can only experience the effects of them, not see them. Nature has exact laws for all these unseen forces and one of them is the force of healing and homeostasis. If it was not exact in all of its subtle manifestations, then health and orderly cell differentiation could never be achieved. We are living proof that it can be. 

What are the laws of homeostasis? The first is based on the fact that the connection from the mind and body to their source, the dynamic reference image, is finite. You can’t insult it with too many drugs, either recreational or prescribed, or too much stress forever. It will eventually become weak and break in a very specific area, that area which is your weakest link. Once it’s broken, an acute or chronic illness begins to develop. Law number one: large doses of any drug can cause a new permanent disease and this breaks the law, first do no harm.

The broken link can gradually repair itself if the stress is taken away and if you can figure out what is needed for that broken healing system to repair itself. But this is where many of the difficulties come into play. Often, just taking the stress away and giving general support is not enough. Good counseling or a self-help book does not usually cure suicidal depression. Migraine headaches are not cured by eating organic foods. Unfortunately, this is the story for all chronic ailments which currently afflict over ninety percent of our populations. Very healthy choices are a good start. I am in favor of organic foods for many reasons, but to cure a specific healing system – to connect it back to its reference image – is not that easy. We know this because everyone with a chronic illness has tried lifestyle approaches with limited success. Another option is to try herbal medicines and traditional natural cures. Again, these sometimes work, but why only sometimes and only with certain people?  Enough times it helps so that the success  stories are perpetuated, but only one out of every five hundred times does it bring about a very good result. The other four hundred and ninety nine are disappointed. This is because of the second law of homeostasis: the medicine needed to repair the connection of a specific healing system is very exact to each person. Most likely, for each illness such as depression, migraine headache, eczema, ADD, heartburn, the Covid flu, (any disease) there are well over one thousand possible cures for each category. But each specific remedy in exactly the correct small dose will re-establish a specific connection leading to a real cure. In my experience the cure has to be 99 or 100 percent exact. 

Law number three: small doses are stimulants. If you can find the correct medicine in a small dose it can lead to a cure. The homeostasis that is lost can be stimulated to once again work normally. If you study the work of Edward Calabrese and the hundreds of other scientists who study Hormesis then it is clear that there is no exception to this law. So far they have found over 80,000 examples of this phenomenon, that small doses are always stimulants to homeostasis. What if we could match up each substance in a small dose to the person who needs it? There is no limit to what we could truly cure. I mean cure in the real sense of the word, cure so that no more medicine is needed and one is made stronger than ever before. 

These three laws need to be studied in detail so that a complete system of healing can be realized. For over two hundred years this has been gradually and haphazardly happening, it’s called homeopathy. We now have over four thousand medicines studied so that each one is specific enough to be exactly prescribed, in small doses, to re-connect homeostasis, which then allows self-healing to take place. Homeopathy is used by health practitioners in most countries of the world, but is officially considered quackery and not seriously studied. I have used this method for over 30 years now with about an 80% success rate. I am wondering what would happen if we had twenty thousand medicines to choose from, or a hundred thousand? Unfortunately, we are tragically stuck in the Dark Ages of medicine. We are in love with the idea of mechanical drugs used in large doses that mostly poison us, and further destroy the vital connections that keep us alive. 

The first step towards a change in how you think about medicine is to purchase a small vial of Arnica Montana 30c for under $8. Take some after an injury such as a bruise, sprained ankle, or sports injury. Arnica has been the most used homeopathic remedy for the past 200 years because it is highly effective at stimulating self-healing for injuries. Once you experience how fast and effectively it works to stop pain from, you can learn the next eleven most common remedies for first aid. Remedies exist for food poisoning, burn pain, sunstroke, cuts, crushing wounds, sudden grief, panic attack, shock after a car accident or near death experience, pain from a broken bone, and one for anaphylaxis. They have all been used now for over 200 years.  Why not learn about them as well, your family will appreciate it! The next step is to seek out a classical homeopathic doctor. If they spend a minimum of one and a half hours for the first consultation and give one medicine then they are practising classical homeopathic medicine. 

Again I ask why is our cultural paradigm in medicine limited to exclude the science of self healing? The simple answer is that it doesn’t have to be. You can make a personal decision to cross the line and enjoy the benefits. 

Here are a few books worth reading:  

Nature’s Way to Better Health (Learn the 12 most used first aid remedies)

The Organon of Medicine by Samuel Hahmenann.

The Science of Homeopathy, by George Vithoulkas.

Materia Medica, by James Tyler Kent. 

Check out your local library on any homeopathy book.

Hormesis: Small doses are stimulants to adaptive changes in biology. 

80,000 examples.

Watch the video, summary of work done by Luc Montainger, French Virologist:

Examples of Exclusion and Ridicule 

Examples below of scientists who dared to step over the line:

Bruce Lipton. 

Dr. Lipton began his scientific career as a cell biologist. He received his Ph.D. Degree from the University of Virginia at Charlottesville before joining the Department of Anatomy at the University of Wisconsin’s School of Medicine in 1973. Dr. Lipton’s research on muscular dystrophy, studies employing cloned human stem cells, focused upon the molecular mechanisms controlling cell behavior. An experimental tissue transplantation technique developed by Dr. Lipton and colleague Dr. Ed Schultz and published in the journal Science was subsequently employed as a novel form of human genetic engineering. Here is a review of his work:

“Bruce! How can you be such a deranged pig ignorant smug stupid cackling dickheaded fuckwit? Genetics is “all wrong”? So the last 100 years of medical advances, cloning, reading the genome of fucking goddam Neanderthals and so on…. That has all been an illusion???”

1)  The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles (this is his pseudoscientific work, which I, with the help of RationalWiki, will give a description of below. The book forms the pseudoscientific foundation of his Neo-Lysenkoist/fascist ideology of American evolutionary supremacy. The book is self-refuting, since it supports an immaterialist philosophy. This makes it contradictory to talk about cells, or biology at all).

Below I will use the RationalWiki entry on Bruce Lipton, which concentrates about Lipton´s first book: The Biology of Belief. Hereafter I will, myself, show how this book is used as a “scientific” foundation for his overall project, namely a Neo-Lysenkoist political project, bordering to fascism, inspired by Rupert Sheldrake (who is a New Age chief ideologist), and heavily peppered with a New Thought positivity gospel, which is in complete compliance with a similar positivity propaganda in Soviet-style Communism. 

The so-called bridge between science and spirituality is in The Matrix Conspiracy all about a synthesizing of authority, hierarchy, race (or gender, as postulated by radical  feminism – see my entry on Feminism as Fascism), eugenics, purity, unity, spirit, and reductionisms such as biologism, psychologism, sociologism and historism. “Spiritual eugenics” could be seen as the main propaganda therapy.

More junk science debunked

by Jonathan M. Gitlin – Aug 27, 2005

In case you are unfamiliar with the concept of homeopathy …. (short explanation)

Jacques Benveniste, a renowned French scientist, and discoverer of platelet activating factor, ruined his reputation for proposing a mechanism for how homeopathy could possibly work. His theory was that water had a memory—that even though the solute could not possibly be left after so many dilutions, somehow the water molecules remained arranged around a phantom structure. Needless to say, this theory was not well taken in the scientific community, and Dr. Benveniste died last year, still estranged from his peers.

Luc Antoine Montagnier French born (18 August 1932) is a French virologist and joint recipient, with Françoise Barré-Sinoussi and Harald zur Hausen, of the 2008 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his discovery of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).[4] He has worked as a researcher at the Pasteur Institute in Paris and as a full-time professor at Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China.

In 2009, Montagnier published two independently made, controversial research studies, one of which was entitled “Electromagnetic Signals Are Produced by Aqueous Nanostructures Derived from Bacterial DNA Sequences.” Jeff Reimers of the University of Sydney said that, if its conclusions are true, “these would be the most significant experiments performed in the past 90 years, demanding re-evaluation of the whole conceptual framework of modern chemistry”. The paper concludes that diluted DNA from pathogenic bacterial and viral species is able to emit specific radio waves” and that “these radio waves [are] associated with ‘nanostructures’ in the solution that might be able to recreate the pathogen”.

A 12 January 2011 New Scientist editorial described the controversial nature of the research, while also noting how many researchers “reacted with disbelief”, with Gary Schuster comparing it to “pathological science.” Biology professor PZ Myers also described it as “pathological science.”

Even though this research demonstrated that small doses have biological effects no one at another university dared to try and replicate the study. No university in the western world would further support Luc Montagnier’s research after this publication. He was blacklisted.

Here is another review of the same studies:

The winner of this year’s Physiology Prize in Quackpottery is Luc Montagnier.

As I envisioned it, the prize would consist of a gold-plated duck penis whose delivery is punctuated with 42 quacks from an outraged duck. (Please forgive me, I really liked birds, even then.) The corkscrew-shape of a duck penis, combined with the fact that it is a penis, is symbolism that should not be lost on anyone. The quacks honour the Nobelist’s radical departure from reality and their number – 42 – was defined by Douglas Adams as being the meaning of life. Which is somehow applicable here.

Here is another: “Shame on @UNESCO for hosting this absurd pseudoscience conference about Montagnier’s nonsense,” tweeted Andy Lewis, who hosts the blog The Quackometer, last week. “This is classic pathological science—dredging around in the noise of irreproducible experiments by practitioners whose expertise is not in these fields in order to support hypotheses that fly in the face of well-established scientific principles,” Lewis writes in an e-mail to ScienceInsider. (Martin Enserink)

I suppose it’s easier to call someone derogatory names than admit that there is more to learn about self healing, or redo the study to see if it can be replicated. 

Here is one study done my Luc Montagnier:

The advances modern medicine has taken to treat first aid, and the emergency intervention of trauma cases has its limits and could be added to but in itself these procedures are of great benefit. I also agree that when the healing systems of the body can’t repair a disease and there is a life saving treatment then this is also helpful. In this category: insulin for diabetes, and certain surgical procedures to remove tumors blocking vital processes. Once again though if these families could be treated over a few generations then there is less chance for them to develop diabetes and cancer. All of these patients can benefit from homeopathy when it is used alongside these allopathic treatments.