What can homeopathy treat?

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First Aid Conditions That Homeopathy Can Treat

Anaphylaxis – sudden allergic reactions.
Bee Stings.
Bleeding from trauma.
Bites from animals.
Bones Injuries – broken bones, bruised bones.
Brain and Head Trauma.
Cuts and Scrapes.
Dental work remedies – for anxiety, pain, healing of various tissues.
Dislocation of joints.
Earthquakes and other natural disasters anxiety from.
Epilepsy after a head injury
Eye strain.
Fear and Anxiety from Physical Trauma.
Fear of death from trauma.
Fear from anticipation – stage fright.
Food Poisoning.
Grief – Sudden and Unexpected Emotional Trauma.
Headaches from acute stress.
Injuries – Such as sports injuries, car accidents, work-related injuries, falls, sprains, birth trauma etc.
Insect Bites, Animal bites and Bee Stings.
Joint Injuries.
Muscle trauma, cramps, strains, bruises.
Motion sickness.
Nausea – and motion sickness.
Nerve Injuries.
Oversuse Injuries – tensons, ligamental strains and chronic inflammation.
Panic – fear and anxiety.
Phantom Limb Pain.
Poison Ivy.
Poisoning – food and water related.
Pregnancy and childbirth conditions.
Puncture Wounds.
Shock – such as from a car accident or some other physical trauma.
Sprains and Strains of Joints.
Skin Injuries, scrapes, surgical wounds.
Spider bites. Hobo spider bites.
Stiff joints.
Sunstroke, Sun headache and sunburn.
Surgery – to prevent pain from surgery, to prevent infection from surgery, to aid in the healing of surgical wounds. Remedies for skin tissue healing, nerve injury and bone injury. Remedies to treat the nausea of anesthetic and anxiety before surgery.
Tail bone injury – also nerve or bone injury.
Teething – child new teeth pain from.
Tennis Elbow.
Vaccination – remedies to treat the effects of vaccination and to enhance immunity.

Acute Conditions that Homeopathy Can Treat

Although modern medicine has many treatments for these conditions there are often side effects from modern pharmaceuticals or for one reason or another the prescribed treatment is not effective.

Bladder Infections.
Colds and Flu.
Ear Infections.
Infected Wounds.
Joint infection.
Sore Throats.
Stomach aches.

Chronic Conditions that Homeopathy Can Treat
(chronic means long lasting i.e persistant, the condition won’t resolve on it own)

Arthritis, osteo and rheumatoid arthritis.
Allergies and hay fever.
Back injury.
Back pain.
Benign tumors.
Bladder infection chronic.
Bladder pain various.
Bleeding chronic various causes.
Bones various disorders.
Bowel disorders.
Cancer – palliation for pain, nausea, lack of vitality.
Chronic illness with epigenetic causes.
Constipation chronic.
Cramps muscles.
Diarrhea chronic.
Dry skin chronic.
Eye disorder various.
Emotional disorders with a chronic illness.
Gall stone colic.
Head injury.
Heart disease various conditions.
Hot flashes.
Infections chronic various.
Ingrown toe nails.
Itchy skin.
Joint pain from unknown cases.
Kidney inflammation.
Kidney pain.
Kidney various conditions.
Low vitality.
Lung disease various causes.
Memory weakness.
Men urogenital various.
Menopause symptoms.
Menstruation pain.
Pain internal organs.
Pain joints.
Pain from unknown cause.
Post traumatic stress.
Premenstrual symptoms (PMS).
Sleep Disorders.
Sleep nightmares.
Slow mental ability.
Slow to learn at school.
Skin eruptions: eczema, psoriasis.
Skin ulcers.
Stomach illness various.
Stomach aches, colic.
Ulcerative colitis.
Vision weakness.
Weakness of muscles and joints.

Emotional Symptoms that Homeopathy Can Treat

There are usually some emotional symptoms with a chronic illness. Frustration is one.

These symptoms are not the real ‘you’ – you are not your emotional symptoms but they will help me to find your correct remedy and they will resolve (go away) if we can work together to find your correct remedy. Then you will feel more your-self, you will have more vitality and sleep better.

There are three basic categories to emotions that are out of balance:

1.    Under stress you feel: Irritable.
2.    Under stress you feel: Sadness.
3.    Under stress you feel: Worry or fear.

Each remedy I use will help bring you back to a balance so that you do not experience one or all of these emotions.

Three are over 400 remedies for each of the emotional categories above.

When you come to see me be ready to tell me many examples of when you first had these feelings and more of what you can tell me about them. For example irritability can lead to anger. Sadness can lead to depression and worry can lead to deeper anxiety. What is the pattern of these emotions?

What I most need to know is your story and what makes it different from all other stories … what is special and unique about your sadness.

Bring in or write down the names of the medicines you now take for these emotions.

Learning Disorders and Developmental Conditions That Homeopathy Can Treat

There are a significant number of homeopathic remedies that treat various learning disorders and developmental ailments. For example:

Reading difficulties.
Math difficulties.
Speech difficulties.
Slow mental development.
Slow physical development.
Slow emotional development.
ADD – and hyperactive syndromes.
Precocity – various.
Autism – Asperger’s syndrome and various.

Mania, Schizophrenia, other uncontrolled emotional syndromes. These are the most difficult to treat.

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